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Ledenice Donje bb

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone. / Fax: +387 35 330 905
Mob.: +387 61 150 900

e-mail: poljoprivredna.zadruga.late@gmail.com

Quality policy

Agricultural cooperative "Late" p.o. is, since the early begining, aware of the fact that only by maintaining constant quality in the production and distribution of fruit we can keep good cooperation with our clients. Because of this, the management of Late cooperative is devoted to the following Quality policy.

Orientation towards costumer's needs and their satisfaction with the completed job, speed and completeness of the delivery, are the core values by which "Late" measures their success in production, storage and delivery of fruits. In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen these values we are commited to:

  • employ professional and ambitious personel who will have possibility and obligation to constantly improve and develop themself,

  • acquire the most sofisticated equipment, infrastructure and environment for pleasent work,

  • maintain and develop good relations with our suppliers,

  • work with our clients in order to meet their expectations and maintain their satisfaction,

  • apply and improve quality management system efficiency, who is based on demands of international standards and overcoming demands of these standards,

  • constantly set ourself ambitious, measurable i reachable quality goals.

The cooperative management is qualified for advisory help with planting, raising and fruit treatment. They possess qualified employees for production control according to Global G.A.P. standards. 

All our employees, cooperants and suppliers need to be informed about our quality policy, understand it and accept it as permanent way of doing business. Agricultural cooperative "Late" will provide all necessary professional help in order to meet this goals, and provide advisory assistance during certification process (GlobalG.A.P. - GGN: 4052852248464 OPTION 2).

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